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How I manage headaches and chronic pain

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

As my health started declining fast in the last couple years, many doctors and practitioners I saw were unable to find the root cause or knew how to help improve my symptoms. Lab after lab, I seemed to be the picture of perfect health and yet I was feeling worse each day. When I finally found a chiropractic doctor that was able to diagnose me (chronic Lyme, among others) I was unable to take any supplements or do many therapies because I would have strange detox reactions. My body was really struggling and I was dealing with debilitating fatigue and lots of body pain. And since I was desperate enough, I decided to look for some more out of the ordinary detox options. I had nothing to lose.

That's when I learned about coffee enemas. During my research, I learned that they can have a host of benefits like:

  • Liver Detox

  • Improving gallbladder function

  • Can reduce the amount of mycotoxins in the body

  • Can help reduce pain

  • Can help as part cancer treatment protocols

  • Can improve gut health by flushing out bacteria and toxins

  • Can improve skin rashes

After a couple months of trying coffee enemas, 2-3 times a week, I was able to start taking full doses of one of the Lyme supplements (prior to it, I was having issues taking 1/10th of a dose) and I was able to significantly decrease my overall pain, especially in my knee (I was struggling to walk on it, some days). It is important to mention that a clean diet, regular chiropractic care and grounding were also part of my healing journey, along with the enemas.

Coffee enemas are used in many alternative cancer centers like Gerson Institute and Hope4Cancer, many wellness centers across the country and you can find a sea of testimonials from people that have used them as part of their healing protocol to improve many conditions, from headaches to auto-immune diseases.

Check out these articles to learn more about the history, how it works and contraindications.

To administering a coffee enema you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Purchase the supplies

  • Prepare the coffee solution

  • Lay on the floor or on a bed, on top of a towel and a waterproof pad that will protect the underneath area.

  • Have a spot, within reach, where you can hang the enema bucket, no more than 18 inches above the ground.

  • Once the bucket is ready, lay on your right side, with your knees pulled towards your chest and insert the lubricated catheter into your rectum and let the coffee enter your colon

  • Hold the coffee solution for 12-15 minutes

  • Release on the toilet

  • Clean the enema kit

In the video below I talk more about the how to-s of coffee enemas, the mistakes I made and the the lessons I learned. All the info I wish I would have known before I started.

Congratulations! You are now ready to try your first enema!

Remember that hydration is key to a successful enema! The first couple times I tried it, I didn't feel too great, because I only hydrated after the enema. It's important to hydrate really well at least one day in advance, as well as after. Plain water is usually not enough so juicing or the below mineral drops are a must.

As promised, here are the links to supplies I use:

  • This is the kit I purchased a few months back and have been using every few days

  • The doggy training pads I use. Depending how often you will be doing enemas, these can last you almost an entire year.

  • I use these mineral drops in my water daily, to make sure I am well hydrated.

  • This Castile Soap is great for cleaning the kit

Please let me know if you tried it, in the comments, what your experience has been like, what you loved or hated about it and maybe something you learned from it?

Wishing you all the health and wellness!

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