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Healthier Halloween Treats and Candy Alternatives

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean your kids can't have a piece of candy now and then, especially if most of their diet is filled with nutrient-dense, whole foods. The problem is that many kids end up collecting and eating more candy around Halloween than they should eat in a whole year.

Candy does not provide any nutritional value and lacks any essential proteins, minerals and vitamins. It often contains toxic food coloring, artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils and of course, a lot of processed sugar. All these can lead to chronic inflammation and a host of health problems that no one wants to see a child go through.

There are many alternatives to Halloween candy that will allow everyone to safely enjoy the holiday and not feel "deprived."

I did include a list of allergy-friendly snacks also if that's your preference.


These are, of course, my favorite. It's really hard to find truly healthy foods that comes out of a package. But it's very easy to find small little trinkets and toys that kids can enjoy. Buying a mix and allowing kids to choose their favorite is the perfect recipe for a fun holiday and happy kids!


Have you ever heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project? It was started in 2014 to raise awareness about food allergies and to encourage everyone to place a teal pumpkin outside of their home to indicate that they have non-food treats. As more allergy-friendly snack options have become available, the Teal Pumpkin Project started including allergen friendly snack items, such as gluten-free Halloween candy and nut-free chocolate.

Below are a few ideas of food items you can safely hand out to kids, this year:

  • Organic Raisins

  • Clementines

  • Juice Boxes

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Such great options. The emoji key chains are perfect!


I love the idea of healthy snacks for Halloween goodies. This year we aren't doing trick-or-treating door to door so we have a better chance to get onto the healthy snack bandwagon!

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